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This training is designed specifically for beginners who want to become professional traders in the Stock Market. The training covers an array of topics such as trading strategies, risk management, identifying movements in the markets, trading psychology and much more. This course will be held four consecutive Days On the last week of April Class Consist of 4 days!

Class Objectives

After this course is completed you will have:

Your very own trading plan

Paper Trading Account set up

Brokerage Account ready to trade

Extensive knowledge about trading

Proper tools and techniques to execute trades

Three-month support even after course ends

Course Topics

Weekly Access To Q&A’s

The course will cover the following topics:

Basics of the Stock Market


Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Tools to use in trading

Trade Setup

Preparation for the trading day

Day Trading Strategies

Trading Psychology

Trading Plan

Best practices in trading

Entry/ Exit Rules

and much more!